Bv Sport XLR EVO - Socks - black

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Use: running, fitness



  • Compression socks
  • High-rise
  • 2 in 1: combines patented BV Sport BOOSTER compression on the calf with an ultra-technical foot
  • Adapted calf compression
  • Improves venous return and helps with muscle, tendon and ligament oxygenation, optimising performance
  • Reinforced knit from the calf to the Achilles tendon
  • Reinforcement around the Achilles tendon and the instep around the shoe fastening
  • Improves the muscular support, reduces parasite oscillating movements and vibrations, which cause fatigue and muscular injury.
  • Knitted light specific mesh around the tibial crest for sensitive pre-tibial areas protection
  • Easy to put on
  • Comfortable and resistant
  • Made in France


  • Friction free


  • 1. Selective Compression: pressure adapted to the calves
  • Optimal and fast toxin elimination
  • 2. Calf Support: reinforced knit around the calf
  • Improves muscle support
  • Reduced oscillatory movements and vibrations, sources of muscular lesions and fatigue
  • 3. Aero Tibial Windows: light specific mesh on the shins
  • Protects the sensitive pre-tibial structures
  • 4. Y-Sport system: nerves, tendons and sliding pulley (retinacula) protection
  • 5. Protect + : Reinforcement area around shoe closing
  • 6. Airgon: Light mesh for improved venting on top of the foot
  • 7. Stabil Effect: Stabilising strip on the forefoot
  • 8. Flatlock seams: maximum comfort
  • 9. Heel and toe Protect+ (friction free): optimal comfort, anti-blister, anti-rubbing


  • 79% polyamide
  • 13% elastane
  • 8% polyester

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BOOSTER PATENT: The aponeurosis or restraint effect provides improved support and efficiency of the muscle during the effort phase and the compression effect, obtained by adapted pressure, improves oxygenation (turbo effect) and delays the calf clogging up during exercise. Worn regularly the BV SPORT concept (Recovery + Booster) improves performance and reduces injury risk.




Friction Free®: Friction Free ensures maximum comfort on the most sensitive zones of the technical sock: the heels and toes. The zones where the impact is the most important. Thanks to special fibres, the friction sensation is reduces and therefore prevent blister formation. Give well-being to your feet, even during the most intense workouts!




  • In cases of venous troubles, contact your doctor
  • Do not wear when sleeping
  • Only wear the XLR EVO compression range outside of sports activities

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