Bv Sport RTECH - Boxer x2 - black/red-black/red

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The RTECH boxer from BV SPORT provide an ideal support and moisture wicking for optimal comfort when exercising.


  • 71% polyester
  • 10% polyamide
  • 10% elastane
  • 9% polypropylene Dryarn®


  • Sold as a pack of 2
  • Range: RTECH
  • Several support levels distributed throughout the main muscle groups
  • Maximize muscle performances
  • Improves tone of most solicited muscles
  • Wide elastic band for added comfort
  • Thermal regulation and waterproof properties
  • Excellent sweat wicking

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Dryarn®: Microfibre developed by Aquafil, which is comfortable and respects your health and the environment. This innovative polypropylene microfibre performs well, as it is as resistant as it is light, insulating and breathable. It is also hygienic, adaptable and eco-friendly. Since it doesn't absorb moisture, the Dryarn® fibre dries extremely quickly, for physical comfort and to keep the skin dry leaving a fresh feeling.




RTECH: During sport activities, the upper body, pelvis and thigh muscles are submitted to important venous and bio-mechanical constraints which can be increased in some sport. The original structure of the RTECH fabric compression range, specifically adapted for exercising, is made of different mesh and several levels of support, distributed on the main muscle groups. The R-tech range improves muscle toning when exercising, reduces vibration, optimise muscle performances while keeping an optimal freedom of movement.

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