Compex WEBTECH - Knee Brace - black/grey

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Use: multisports, user having knee injuries



  • Knee brace
  • Bilateral model
  • Support level: medium
  • Efficient for sport injuries
  • Expandable silicone for shock absorption
  • Distribution of pressure outside the painful area
  • Silicone membranes wrapping and stabilising around the patella to provide a correct alignment
  • Reduced size to focus the action on the quadriceps and patella tendons
  • Ergonomic and light design for an optimal fit
  • The back breathable fabric panel provides comfort and breathability
  • Anti-slip: Internal silicone over-print to avoid the brace to move
  • Lycra sleeve to reduce risk of irritation
  • Reflectivity for increased visibility in low lighting condition
  • Storage pocket for cards and keys


  • Maintain the normal patella alignment
  • Reduces mechanical constraints on the patella
  • Assist a good knee locking (restitution of the elastic energy)


  • Anterior knee pain
  • Patella instability during flexion movements
  • Pain bellow the knee


  • Ideal for light anterior knee pain
  • Instability of the knee
  • Repetitive movements
  • Reduces knee tension

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LYCRA®: Active sports clothing made with Lycra® offer a perfect fit and are ideal for any type of sport or relaxation. A high performance design, suitable for the most intense competitions.


  • High elasticity (resistant to 600% extension before breaking)
  • Returns to the original shape after stretching
  • Faster drying than ordinary fabrics

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