Compex WEBTECH PATELLA - Strap - black/grey

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Use: multisports, user having knee injuries



  • Patella strap
  • Support level: medium
  • Efficient for sport injuries
  • Expandable silicone for shock absorption
  • Distribution of pressure outside the painful area
  • The silicone strap provide an even pressure on the patella tendon
  • Adapts to the patella shape for optimal comfort
  • Back padded strap for comfort
  • Ergonomic and light design for an optimal fit
  • Reflectivity for increased visibility in low lighting condition


  • Compression around the patella tendon
  • Reduces patella tendon solicitation
  • Absorbs vibrations


  • Pain bellow the knee
  • Occasional discomfort when resuming activity


  • For soothing constraints around the patella

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