Compressport PRO RACING V3.0 TRAIL - Socks - black

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PRO RACING V3.0 TRAIL socks by COMPRESSPORT provide optimal support, protection and comfort.


  • 94% polyamide
  • 6% elastane



  • Use: training, intensive exercise
  • Activities: obstacles courses, running, trail
  • Optimal support and protection
  • Moisture wicking for optimal comfort
  • Tight and ergonomic: prevents rubbing and risk of injury
  • 2 stabilising wings for a strong, stable stride
  • Light compression strip for arch support
  • Stimulated venous return
  • Ventilation strips for breathability
  • Water-repellent fibres: quick-drying to prevent wet feet
  • Seamless and without elastic: helps eliminate pressure
  • Light and ergonomic
  • Weight: 37 g (the pair)


  • 3D Dots to trap and absorb sweat
  • Acu-Pressure to activate blood air circulation
  • Stabilising wings to stabilise your feet on impact
  • Toe Box Protection toe protect the big toe
  • Achilles tendon protection with cushion effect
  • Ankle bone protection from shocks and vibrations
  • Shock Absorber print to reduce muscle tensions and fatigue
  • Unique weave to improve heat regulation

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GRIP 3D DOTS: 3D Dots help trap and absorb sweat. They don't get waterlogged and air circulating between them enable quick drying!


ACU-PRESSURE: The acupressure massage across multiple points of the arch is designed to activate blood circulation.


STABILITY WINGS: 2 stabilising wings that reinforce and stabilise the feet upon impact. They provide an aggressive, original look.


TOE BOX PROTECTION: Protection on the big toe.


ACHILLES TENDON PROTECT: The cushion effect of the 3D Dots helps protect the Achilles tendon from rubbing and pressure.


ANKLE BONE PROTECTION: 3D Dots on the ankle bone protect from shocks, cushioning this sensitive part of the ankle. They also prevent rubbing ad pressure from the shoe. It also prevents rubbing and pressure from your shoes.


SHOCK ABSORBER: The 360° compression dampens the shock wave effect on muscles, veins and joints. Less vibrations means reduces muscular fatigue Your resistance to prolonged activity is improved


THERMOREGULATION: The special knit will protect you from the cold whilst providing maximum breathability to your skin. The activation of the micro-circulation assists and supports the thermal-regulation of the skin, which lets you save energy.


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