Compressport R2V2 FLASH - Calf Sleeves - black

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ARMFORCE ULTRALIGHT calf sleeves by COMPRESSPORT provide optimal muscle support, heat regulation and second skin comfort.


  • 98% polyamide
  • 2% elastane



  • Use: mild and intensive exercise
  • Activities: cycling, running, trail
  • Muscle support and protection from the cold and UV
  • Reduced muscle shake and increased strength
  • Light and ergonomic: adapts to your muscles naturally
  • Flexible elbow for using your poles
  • Soft fibres and seamless design
  • Weight: 35 g (the pair)


  • Bioceramic fibres to activate micro-circulation on the surface of the skin
  • Compression Oxygen Construction for graduated compression in targeted zones
  • Integrated ventilation zones on the elbows
  • Morpho-Fit as close as possible to each curve of your arm
  • Shock Absorber print to reduce muscle tensions and fatigue
  • 3D Dots to trap and absorb sweat

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ANTI-FATIGUE: The shock and vibration absorption on the muscles, veins and articulations increase the effort resistance.


D-TOX: Studies show a significant reduction in lactic acid during exercise.


K-PROTECT: K-Protect ergonomic tongue presses on the patellar tendon and reduces vibrations by up to 8%. K-Protect does not hinder movements and improves comfort. Perfectly suited for those with known knee weakness but also for those feeling tired after 100km.


MASSAGING FIBRE: Each movement triggers a micro-massage providing a sensation of lightness and well-being. Patented fibre.


RECOVERY: Provides a feeling of well-being, lightness and strength around your legs from the ankles right to the top of the leg. It accelerates venous return by preventing blood from stagnating in the calves, behind the thighs and quadriceps, making your legs feel really light.


SHOCK ABSORBER: The 360° compression dampens the shock wave effect on muscles, veins and joints. Less vibrations means reduces muscular fatigue Your resistance to prolonged activity is improved


ULTRA LIGHT: Your Compressport® garment does no retain water and stays light in all situations.


COMPRESSION OXYGEN: A millimetre-accurate graduated compression in targeted areas to provide oxygen to the muscle, improving performance and facilitating recovery. The muscles are supported for increased strength and long-distance performance. The fibre is stretchy and also breathable for maximum comfort


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