Compressport PRO RACING V3.0 BIKE - Socks - black

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PRO RACING V3.0 BIKE socks by COMPRESSPORT provide excellent support and moisture wicking for optimal comfort.


  • 95% polyamide
  • 5% elastane



  • Use: training, racing
  • Activities: cycling, triathlon
  • Designed for optimal foot support
  • Optimal sweat wicking and comfort
  • Light 360° compression strip around the sole
  • Stimulated venous return
  • Thin breathable strips around the foot
  • Water-repellent fibres: quick-drying to prevent wet feet
  • Ergonomic and well-fitting for protection from rubbing and reduced injury
  • Seamless and without elastic to prevent irritation or pressure on the calves
  • Weight: 35 g (the pair)


  • Ergonomic left foot/right foot
  • 3D Dots act as pads to help wick sweat and increase comfort
  • ArchStim Support Construction
  • Ergonomic toe box for a comfortable forefoot fit
  • Achilles tendon protection with cushion effect

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ERGONOMIC LEFT/RIGHT FOOT: Left/right design to respect foot anatomy.


ACHILLES TENDON PROTECT: The cushion effect of the 3D Dots helps protect the Achilles tendon from rubbing and pressure.


ARCH STIM: Located in the arch of the foot, it also provides venous return and recovery.


THERMO-AERATION: Air circulation is improved and prevents the sole from overheating during exercise.


GRIP 3D DOTS: 3D Dots help trap and absorb sweat. They don't get waterlogged and air circulating between them enable quick drying!


ACU-PRESSURE: The acupressure massage across multiple points of the arch is designed to activate blood circulation.

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