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RECOVERY socks by COMPRESSPORT eliminate toxins and activate venous return for effective recovery.


  • 83% polyamide
  • 9% modal
  • 8% elastane



  • Use: course, recovery
  • Activities: cycling, recovery, travel
  • Graduated compression increases blood circulation and oxygenation to improve muscle regeneration and accelerate recovery
  • Reduced muscle shaking, which reduces the risk of inflammation and prevents aches by up to 50%
  • Optimal comfort and elasticity, ergonomic fit and ventilation properties to keep your legs cool and light
  • Weight: 52 g (the pair)


  • Stimulates blood circulation to accelerate regeneration
  • Medically tested graduated compression from foot to knee that works like a tube of toothpaste, encouraging venous return and eliminating lactic acid
  • Strategically placed 3D Dots on the foot and achilles tendon for targeted micro-massage
  • Arch support to prevent the sock moving and rubbing
  • Ventilation Stripe Design integrated into the compression

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ULTRA-RESIST: Compressport® products with this technology will not rip during normal use.


BAREFOOT PERFORMANCE: Barefoot Performance is an innovative technology that creates a free, barefoot running feel. Stretchy fibre that hugs your feet for freedom of movement and to help stimulate circulation. Your feet aren't compressed when they hit the ground, but move naturally.


ARCH STIM: Located in the arch of the foot, it also provides venous return and recovery.


GRIP 3D DOTS: 3D Dots help trap and absorb sweat. They don't get waterlogged and air circulating between them enable quick drying!


VENTILATION STRIPE DESIGN: A specific weave that helps vent the foot, from the toes to the calf to keep your feet cool and dry.


SEAMLESS TECHNOLOGY: Soft and light, the fibre is 100% seamless for optimal comfort.




Modal: Artificial fibre extracted from wood cellulose (usually from the beech). This fibre is 50% more hygroscopic than the cotton, with the same volume. Modal is a kind of soft, silky viscose that retains its properties even after several washes.

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