Deuter AIRCONTACT 60+10L SL - Backpack - Women's - steel/night blue

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Deuter's AIRCONTACT 60+10L SL backpack is designed for comfort and ventilation when hiking.


  • Volume: 60 + 10 L
  • Weight: 2,400 g
  • Water-repellency: Yes
  • Activity: trekking, camping/hiking, travel
  • Comfortable, airy women's specific back system
  • Protective cover: No


  • Height: 84 cm
  • Width: 32 cm
  • Depth: 26 cm



Back System:

Carrying System:

  • Ergonomic adjustable straps
  • Adjustable straps for weight distribution across the shoulders
  • VariQuick system to adjust the back length
  • Adjustable chest belt for securing firmly
  • VariFlex hip belt for medium loads
  • Forward-facing hip stabilisers
  • Additional padding on the hip belt
  • Loops for attaching walking poles


  • Adjustable height lid for stretchy storage space (+10 L)
  • Removable lid with zipped compartment and 2 valuables compartments
  • Lid transforms quickly into a backpack
  • Zipped pocket in the lid for easy gear access
  • Front zip for easy access
  • Compression straps
  • Stretchy inside compartment for wet clothes or water reservoir
  • 2 solid, stretchy side pockets
  • Large zipped pockets on the chest and hip belts
  • Separate lower compartment with removable intermediate base

Hydration & Safety:

  • Compatible with Deuter's 3L hydration systems (not included)
  • SOS Label with emergency instructions

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SL WOMEN'S FIT: The SL line for women was developed by a team of female designers and athletes. Characteristics:

  • Short Back: the SL carry system is slightly shorter than Deuter's standard backpacks for a women's specific fit.
  • Narrower Straps: SL straps are S-shape with rounded edges. The ends of the straps are narrower to sit perfectly on the shoulders without pressure or rubbing. The straps are closer together to suit women's shoulders.
  • Conical hip fins: To suit feminine hips the SL hip fins are closed and cone shaped. The cone shape is obtained by tilting the opening points upwards and the anatomical design of the hip fins.


DEUTER AIRCONTACT SYSTEM: The carrying system is close to the body, keeping the weight close to the body's centre of gravity. This guarantees full control and effective load transfer The breathable back cushions ensure comfortable venting through a pump effect with each movement: The air build-up escapes when the open pore foam is compressed. When it reinflates, cool air is sucked in.

Results: 15%* less sweat than with previous body-contour packs. (*Proven through field tests by Gabriel L.&T, in collaboration with Erlangen University.)


DEUTER ACTIVE-COMFORT-FIT: For an optimal fit, the backpack should carry the weight close to the back This guarantees even distribution. The Active-Comfort-Fit system is stable and padded for carrying comfort.




VARIQUICK: Adjustable back length system. This helps you get maximum, flexible and stable carrying comfort.


VARIFLEX: VariFlex 3D hip fins for even load transfer that saves energy. They follow all movements and the ergonomic design of the contour stitching adapts individually. The multi-layered soft and compact foam structure absorbs pressure and, reinforced with a synthetic material, efficiently transfers the load without compressing. The compression straps on the fins regulate the load distribution and increase stability.




High Tenacity 100D PA: The yarn is thinner to reduce the weight. The tight weave canvas structure of 100D PA makes the fabric resistant and tear resistant.




SOS: Survival instructions and/or practical steps to follow in case of problems, printed on the inside of the pack to help in an emergency.


PFC Free: PFCs belong to a group of chemical compounds that are used in a number of outdoor products for waterproofing the outer material. Their use has received a lot of criticism, as they are considered non-biodegradable. They build up in the body and are suspected to be harmful to health.

PFC-free products are environmentally friendly.

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