Millet TRIDENT GTX - Approach Shoes - Men's - orion blue

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The TRIDENT GTX approach shoes from MILLET are specially designed for mountaineering and approach and provide true comfort on difficult terrain.


  • Discipline: Active, sporty approach, supportive look
  • Terrain: Diverse with little or a lot of height difference
  • Water resistance: Gore-Tex® membrane
  • Fit: Alpine Fit™
  • Weight: 515 g (per shoe)



  • Low-rise
  • Composition: Polyester 3D mesh
  • Medium Flex: semi-rigid, good support and protection while increasing energy return
  • Feminine fit, semi-rigid support
  • Precise lacing for a perfect hold
  • Rubber toe caps
  • Back tab for easy on/off


  • EVA dual density foam
  • Light, stabilising and cushioning


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GORE-TEX®: Whatever the weather, Gore-Tex® shoes keep your feet dry and keep you comfortable. All Gore-Tex® shoes are waterproof and highly breathable.

Cold weather, an increase in weight, blisters: very often, as soon as your feet get wet, the activity stops being so fun. This is why shoes made with Gore-Tex® product technology are essential for trails and summits around the world

Vibram®: The benchmark for abrasion-resistant rubber soles. Exclusive compositions are created according to the specific requirements of each activity. For hiking and trekking, shoes with Vibram technology have a sole that ensures optimal traction, support and cushioning, even on uneven terrain.




Matryx®: This French-made fabric revolutionises your shoes through its nylon and Kevlar® weave. Matryx® offers a large number of advantages in terms of performance and is completely versatile, making it suitable for many purposes. This patented solution gives sport brands an unbeatable level of performance and style.


Kevlar®: Best known for its use in resistant armour, Kevlar® is an aramid fibre developed by DuPont™. It is a thermoplastic polymer consisting of aromatic rings which are separated by the amide groups. It is also used in various garments, accessories and equipment to enhance safety and abrasion resistance. It is light, durable and resistant.

This is a synthetic fibre which has excellent tensile properties and a high tensile strength. The toughness of Kevlar comes from its structure of hydrogen bonds held together between polymer chains.



  • Good traction resistance
  • Low density (1.45)
  • Zero thermal expansion
  • Vibration absorption and cushioning
  • Excellent shock and wear resistance
  • Good chemical behaviour


EVA: The moulded EVA foam insert is particularly flexible. It helps improve shock absorption and lightness.




Climb Approach Fit™: Tight fitting. No extra volume for optimal precision.

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