Millet BAIKAL 1500 REG +1°C - Sleeping Bag - Men's - red

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The BAIKAL sleeping bag from MILLET uses water-repellent synthetic insulation for excellent outdoor sleeping comfort.


  • Comfort temperature: 1°C
  • Comfort temperature limit: - 4°C
  • Extreme temperature: - 21°C
  • Shape: mummy


  • Length: 215 cm
  • Max. user size: 185 cm
  • Shoulder width: 75 cm
  • Foot width: 45 cm
  • Sleeping bag weight: 1590 g
  • Compression bag volume: 10 litres



Construction & Zips:

  • Light, ideal for hiking
  • High quality water-repellent synthetic insulation
  • Polyamide shell for insulation from the cold and damp
  • 1 layer  synthetic filling on the top and 2 layers on the bottom
  • Double side zip with anti-chill flap
  • Flap to reduce heat loss
  • Left or right zip for attaching to other sleeping bags
  • Inside storage pocket


  • Drawstring hood

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Ripstop: This synthetic fabric, often made from nylon or polyester, uses a special reinforcing technique that makes it tear and abrasion-resistant. During the weaving process, reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals into the hatched pattern. The intervals are generally 5 to 8 millimetres. Ripstop fabric is thin and lightweight with thicker threads interwoven into thinner cloth for a 3-dimensional structure.


SUPER MIX FIBER: This is a combination of hollow silicone-coated 3D synthetic fibres, providing high thermal performance and compressibility. These fibres also repel moisture.




Double Construction: Synthetic down construction to avoid hotspots, used for the outer layer of sleeping bags.


Single Layer Construction: Synthetic down construction used for the interior of sleeping bags.




Low Impact™: Low Impact™ is based on 2 criteria that are essential to eco-design: the use of materials with a low environmental impact (at least 40% of the weight of the product is made from low impact materials such as Ecoya, Sorona®, tencel, hemp, RDS feathers), or certified materials (at least 80% of the product weight must be certified Bluesign®, Oeko-Tex®).

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