Mizuno WAVE SKYRISE 2 - Running Shoes - Men's - black/frost grey/white

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The WAVE SKYRISE 2 running shoes from MIZUNO are perfect for long distance runners looking for a lightweight sensation and cushioning.


  • Surface: Road
  • Stride: Universal
  • Drop: 10 mm
  • Foot shape: Standard
  • Weight: 300 g (per shoe)



  • Low-rise AirMesh upper
  • Mizuno Enerzy foam
  • DynaMotion Fit construction
  • Midfoot reinforcement
  • Optimal fit 
  • Ventilated upper
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Classic laces


  • Premium Insock
  • Removable
  • Comfortable and cushioning


  • XPOP and U4IC foam soles
  • Built-in Mizuno Wave® technology
  • Even shock distribution
  • Mizuno InterCool ventilation system
  • Optimal cushioning


  • X-10 rubber
  • SmoothRide technology
  • Fluid foot roll
  • Reduces vibrations and increases flexibility
  • Sole thickness (front/back): 21/31 mm
  • Abrasion-resistant

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Mizuno Enerzy™: This foam is specially designed to offer a softer, more generous cushioning and ensure smoother transitions.


AirMesh: Airy nylon upper for an optimal feel, breathability, and comfort.


DynaMotion Fit: Stretchy mesh to help the top of the shoe move with you. This reduces the tension endured by the shoe and prevents the tongue from moving.


INTERCOOL: Ventilation system positioned on the natural flexing points and on the midsole. The ventilation channels throughout the sole reduce feelings of dampness and overheating.


U4ic: The U4ic midsole delivers optimal shock attenuation, durability and a superior ride that's 30% lighter.


XPOP: Made with PU foam, this compound delivers durable and effective cushioning and energy return. It is used to increase comfort for long distances.


X10: Durability and traction. X10 is a carbon rubber that increases the abrasion resistance of the outsole and provides heel traction. X10 is positioned in the naturally high abrasion area.


Mizuno WAVE TECHNOLOGY: Throughout the successive development stages of their running shoes, Mizuno look at combining two opposite functions: cushioning and stability. Thanks to its wave shape, the MIZUNO WAVE guarantees a better distribution of the shock wave, on the whole length of the plate, on impact, ensuring therefore an ideal balance between excellent cushioning and efficient stability.


Premium Insock: High quality removable sole for more comfort, comfort and resistance.


SmoothRide: Provides smoother acceleration and deceleration, reduces vibrations and increases flexibility.

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