Oakley FLIGHT DECK XL - Ski Goggles - matt white/prizm jade iridium

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Inspired by fighter pilot visors, OAKLEY's FLIGHT DECK XL ski goggles size opimises your field of vision.


  • Weather condition: sunny
  • Coating: none
  • Lens category: 3
  • Face shape: wide
  • Compatible with glasses: yes
  • Spare lens: no


Lens 1:

  • Shape: spherical
  • Light transmission rate: 8 - 18%
  • Prizm™ lens
  • Ridgelock® technology
  • 100% anti-UV protection


  • Adjustable elastic

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PRIZM™: This new lens technology, derived from bio-engineering, is designed for sport in order to spectacularly improve contrast and visibility for an improved perception of obstacles. This technology:

  • Improved performances and security, Prizm helps you reach your goals in all confidence. 
  • Sharpens the perception of your environment, to help you see clearly and react faster.
  • Improves contrasts, to help you focus on the essential.
  • Optimises your capacity to see and follow moving objects, even on the side of your field of vision.

RidgeLock®: The Ridgelock system provides a strap free look that is perfectly waterproof and offers quick and easy lens change. A waterproof seal prevents mud and water from seeping into the goggles.




Category 3 lenses provide a perfect filter for most light conditions. Your solar lenses will filter 83 to 92% of sunlight. They offer excellent eye protection from sun rays and glare for most of your activities. This protection is particularly efficient in strong sunlight (during summer, at the beach and for winter sports).


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