Salewa SPEED BEAT GTX - Active Hiking Shoes - Men's - black/black

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Specifically designed for speed hiking, the SPEED BEAT GTX shoes from SALEWA combines waterproofing, breathability and traction.


  • Discipline: Active, sporty approach, supportive look
  • Terrain: Steep, uneven, oscillating between positive and negative elevations
  • Water resistance: Gore-Tex® membrane
  • Weight: 375 g (per shoe)



  • Low-rise
  • Breathable mesh exterior
  • Waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort membrane
  • 3F system providing flexibility and support of the heel
  • Contours the foot perfectly
  • TPU reinforcement on the heel and on the sides
  • Classic laces
  • Stretch gaiters protecting against dirt and covering laces


  • Ortholite® sole
  • Offers precisions and cushioning for cooler and dryer feet



  • Pomoca Speed Hiking S Path sole
  • Offer great grip and traction
  • Robust studs on the wear surface for resisting any terrain conditions
  • S-Path sliding area providing natural heel and toes thrust
  • Drop: 8 mm (heel height 26 mm / toe heel height 18 mm)

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GORE-TEX®: Whatever the weather, Gore-Tex® shoes keep your feet dry and keep you comfortable. All Gore-Tex® shoes are waterproof and highly breathable.

Cold weather, an increase in weight, blisters: very often, as soon as your feet get wet, the activity stops being so fun. This is why shoes made with Gore-Tex® product technology are essential for trails and summits around the world

GORE-TEX® Extended Confort: These shoes provide protection without insulation to keep your feet dry and comfortable in mild and warm weather.

The shoe body has a single layer construction that ensures optimal breathable, lightness and quick drying. Exceptional heat evacuation and all-day comfort, even when switching constantly between indoor and outdoor temperatures.

3F System: Developed by SALEWA, this technology combines sole, heel and lacing system: shape precision, flexibility and support.




ORTHOLITE®: Engineered from open cell polyurethane, Ortholite soles retain 95% of their cushioning after one year of use, whereas ordinary soles lose 70% of their cushioning over the same time period.

The Ortholite® sole is light and breathable. The air circulates, to help evacuate heat and moisture to keep the feet dry. The environmentally-friendly biocide treatment is antimicrobial and creates a healthier environment for the feet. The advantages of Ortholite® Open-Cell Technology are:

  • Long-term cushioning
  • Moisture management
  • High level of breathability
  • Easy to wash
  • Antimicrobial
  • Lightweight




MOTION GUIDANCE: The outsole and insole are made together for natural foot support.

EVA: The moulded EVA foam insert is particularly flexible. It helps improve shock absorption and lightness.




POMOCA SPEED HIKING S PATH: Outsole for natural foot roll at each step. A special S shape construction of the studs providing harmonious movements and prevents from deformation. A traction area on each side, with a stronger stud profile, provide an efficient traction on various terrain.

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