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Horse Pilot WINTER COMPRESSION - Socks - black

Ships within 48 hours

The WINTER COMPRESSION socks from HORSE PILOT for optimising horse rider performances while improving comfort.


  • 67% nylon
  • 24% recycled polyester
  • 7% Lycra®
  • 2% elastane


  • Muscle Compression® around the calves
  • Strategical reinforcement (foot, spur insert, etc...)
  • Lining around of the foot
  • Thin material that acts as a second skin
  • Seamless and Preform Fit® construction
  • Protect the ankle
  • Indication letters on the socks: L for left foot, R for right foot
  • Support the ankle elasticity in the stirrups

* Price recommended by the supplier in 2019

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€20.00 Incl. Tax

€29.00 Incl. Tax *



Preform Fit: garments with HP Preform Fit technology are optimised for horse riding. Once on, the garment follows all movements without creating any tension, rubbing uncomfortably or hindering the rider's flexibility.

Compression®: In addition to the muscle support it provides, the muscle compression helps improve venous return. The many benefits include improved muscle oxygenation and lactic acid elimination to prevent cramps.




LYCRA®: Garments made with Lycra® offer a perfect fit and are ideal for any type of sport or relaxation. This synthetic elastane fibre is capable of stretching over six times its length and resuming its original shape numerous times. Lycra® fibres have redefined comfort, stability, freedom of movement and dimensional stability and are an invisible and versatile component that improves the characteristics of the natural and synthetic fabrics.