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Z3Rod SWR ELITE - Swimrun Wetsuit - 5/3/1.5mm - black/atoll

Ships within 48 hours

Use: swimrun


  • Swimrun suit
  • Model: adult
  • Level of practice: beginner, intermediate and pro
  • Temperature range: 8 to 12°C
  • Specifically designed for swimrun
  • Long double sip on the front with mini compass and whistle
  • Zip on the back with cord to quickly remove the wetsuit
  • High quality Yamamoto 39 neoprene construction
  • Yamamoto Aerodome neoprene inserts for excellent buoyancy
  • Low-rise collar to reduce chafing and water infiltration
  • Removable long sleeves
  • Anti-abrasion jersey inserts on the back for more comfort when running
  • Ribbed neoprene panels for efficient contact
  • Inside chest pocket
  • 2 zipped thigh pockets
  • Partner pocket on the back for your quick access to snacks for your partner
  • Hook on each side of the waist to attach accessories during the race
  • Provide a high level of buoyancy
  • Provide a high flexibility
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Robust and durable


  • Water Grip Panel
  • Low Collar


  • Main panel: 5 mm
  • Arms, shoulders and chest: 1.5 mm
  • Underarms: 1.5 mm
  • Back: 3 mm
  • Lower legs: 3 mm


  • Yamamoto Aerodome neoprene
  • Yamamoto 39 Neoprene

€525.00 Incl. Tax



WATER GRIP PANEL: Ribbed neoprene panels improving your water intake during arm movements. Longitudinal ridges (perpendiculars to the current) will increase of 20% the total surface of your wetsuit when in contact with water (for a similar panel size) for more efficient arm movements.

LOW COLLAR: Low rise collar to minimise friction on the the skin, prevent from suffocation effect and from too much water entering the wetsuit.




Yamamoto #39: Neoprene that has a honeycomb structure, low density and thermal insulation properties, giving it better qualities than other types of neoprene.

Neoprene #39 is part of the Yamamoto range, providing the best resistance, flexibility and buoyancy on the market.

AERODOME: Material made of numerous ventilation holes evenly placed. It can be used to reduce the weight of the garment and add buoyancy by holding air bubble in the ventilation holes, and can even improve the warmth retention thanks to the thermal insulation effect from the air bubbles.