Asics GEL-BLADE 6 - Badminton Shoes - Men's - blue print/race blue

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Use: badminton, indoor sports



  • Badminton shoes
  • Model: men's
  • Provides stability, grip and support
  • Light and comfortable
  • Maintains a natural foot position
  • Weight: 275 g (per shoe)


  • NC Rubber Outsole
  • SpEVA®
  • Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System
  • Removable sockliner
  • California Slip Lasting


  • Low-rise
  • Seamless upper
  • Prevents irritation and chafing
  • High wear resistance


  • Removable insole
  • Ensures comfort and hygiene
  • Can be replaced by an orthopaedic sole
  • Contours the foot perfectly


  • Additional cushioning
  • High rebound, quickly regains its shape


  • Rubber for generous cushioning
  • Offers the necessary grip and traction for fast movements and sudden stops 
  • Gel at the back to absorb shocks on impact

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NC RUBBER OUTSOLE: An outsole that contains more natural rubber to increase grip and traction on the court.

SpEVA®: Classic rubber injected EVA. The SpEVA midsole is more comfortable, more resistant and more dynamic. It's innovative molecular structure helps the midsole return quickly to its original shape between strides. It increases durability and therefore comfort.

REARFOOT & FOREFOOT GEL® CUSHIONING SYSTEM: Absorbs shocks during impact and toe-off phases, thanks to this high performance GEL system, letting you push as hard at the end of training as you do at the start. 

Removable Sockliner: Sockliner can be removed to make space for personal medical orthotics.

CALIFORNIA SLIP LASTING: In order to obtain this extra stability and comfort, the upper in sewn around a canvas or EVA panel, then fixed to the midsole. 

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