Salming KOBRA 2 - Handball shoes - Men’s - red/black

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Use: indoor sports, handball, floorball



  • Shoes
  • Model: men's
  • Low long profile
  • Stability and balance
  • Light and cushioning
  • Suitable for all indoor sports
  • Drop: 8 mm
  • Weight: 329 g (per shoe size 44EU)


  • RollBar™
  • T.G.S. 62/75™
  • Anatomical HeelCup
  • Hexagrip
  • LMS
  • LMS+
  • Soft Foam™
  • Recoil™ ERF
  • ExoSkeleton


  • Light synthetic construction
  • Extended lacing area for comfort and stability
  • Optimal support and stability
  • Mesh area ensuring ventilation
  • Synthetic reinforcements to increase the foot's protection
  • Anatomical HellCup for a custom fit


  • Lightweight
  • High rebound energy effect
  • Very light foot arch foot reinforcements
  • Helps support double torsions caused by lateral movements
  • Prevents the foot rolling outwards to reduce risk of injury
  • Superior cushioning in the heel area to reduce impact
  • Composition: foam


  • Great grip and resistance
  • RollBar system consists in bevelling the internal side of the sole
  • Increases traction surface to the tip of the toes
  • Increases lateral push
  • Material: light Hexagrip rubber
  • Heel/toe height: 22/14 mm

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RollBar™: An increased radius on the inner side of the outer sole, facilitates rolling the foot inwards and toe push off.


T.G.S. 62/75™: Torsion Guide System. Technology which ensures extra stability. The shoe is equipped with extra flexibility to stimulate the foot's natural stride. TGS 62/75 takes all of the gait cycle criteria into consideration. At the same time, it softens the strains caused by friction during lateral movements.

HexaGrip: A very durable lightweight rubber compound with the Salming pattern HexaGrip™ designed for better grip on all interior surfaces.

LMS™: Lateral Movement Stabilizer. Unit that supports the foot during fast and irregular lateral movements.

LMS+: Fast lateral stops expose the foot to the risk to roll over outwards, causing injuries. MS+ (Lateral Movement Stabilizer Plus) is a unique design with a positive angle of 5° that prevents the foot from rolling over outwards.

Exo Skeleton™: Design that stabilises the foot for lateral movements and reduces pressure on the joints. It is important to maintain the medio-lateral stability of the foot, preventing friction and pressure on the side and under the sole sole, especially at the forefoot.

Soft Foam™: Soft Foam™ is cushioning for the heel impact zone, designed to reduce impact forces and increase comfort. The SoftFoam™ heel insert has 70% better shock absorption properties than a standard EVA midsole.

Recoil™ ERF: The midsole material is a newly developed compound called RECOIL™ ERF - Energy Rebound Foam - which is a super lightweight cushioning compound that releases a higher rebound energy effect.

Anatomical Heel Cup: The heel cup has been specifically designed to add as little weight as possible to shoes, by creating a transformable and adaptive shape.


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