Patagonia FJORD FLANNEL - Shirt - Women's - upriver/century pink

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Use: lifestyle


  • Shirt
  • Model: women's
  • Long sleeves
  • Slim fit
  • Thick and comfortable
  • Shirt collar
  • Button-up
  • 2 flap pockets on the chest
  • Button-up cuffs
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Weight: 320 g


  • 100% organic cotton flannel
  • 184 g/m²
  • Bluesign® certified material

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More info



Organic Cotton: Since 1996, PATAGONIA uses organically grown cotton exclusively in all of their cotton products.

Conventionally grown cotton is doused with chemical products. Research has shown that extensive and intensive use of synthetic fertilisers, soil additives, defoliants and other substances wreak terrible havoc on soil, water, air and many, many living things.

So PATAGONIA chose an alternative: organically grown cotton without harmful chemicals. Their yield is high, and the quality of the cotton they grow is equal to or better than conventionally grown cotton. Their methods support biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, improve the quality of soil and often use less water. Organic farming is more time consuming, requires more knowledge and skill, and, for now, costs more. But it’s worth it.



Bluesign™ Standard: Any fabric that is Bluesign® approved offers the highest level of consumer safety by employing methods and materials in their manufacture that conserve resources and minimise the impact on people and the environment. A Bluesign® approved fabric ensures that:

  • The fabric itself is free of harmful chemicals
  • Unsafe emissions in water, ground and air are reduced
  • The use of energy resources is controlled and reduced to a minimum
  • The working conditions are healthy and safe

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