Therm-Ic POWERSOCKS HEAT UNI - Heated Socks - black + Batteries S-1200

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Sold with batteries, POWERSOCKS HEAT UNI heated ski socks from THERM-IC will keep your comfortably warm.


  • Pair of POWERSOCKS HEAT UNI heated ski socks
  • Pair of S-PACK 1200 batteries




  • Range: POWERED Heat
  • Heat transfer system for optimal heat circulation
  • Multiple reinforcements: shin, ankle, instep
  • Invisible heating elements, attached to the exterior
  • Optimised integration of the heating elements guarantees durability



  • Sold as a pack of 2
  • Help keep your feet warm, even in the coldest temperatures
  • Provide up to 14 hours of heat
  • 3 heat level settings
  • Standby mode
  • USB charger included


  • Battery: 1200
  • Output: 3.7V / 2400 mAh
  • USB charger with charge indicator
  • Charger input: 5V / max. 2000 mA
  • Charger output: 4.2V / 2000 mA
  • Charging time: less than 5hrs
  • Variable battery life depending on level of intensity
  • Level 1 (low): 12 - 14h
  • Level 2 (medium): 5.30hrs - 7.30hrs
  • Level 3 (high): 3.45hrs - 4.15hrs

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Xitaloft® temperature, and is robust and resistant despite its softness. It is ideal for reducing pressure against the skin.

Composition: 100% acrylic

Robur® is a cushioned hollow fibre that reduces pressure and shocks through integrated micro-air pockets.

Composition: 100% nylon

MYTHLAN® is hypoallergenic and therefore perfectly neutral for the skin. The lightness of the microfibres offers maximum comfort.

Composition: 100% polypropylene

XITANIT®: Unique fibre enabling:

  • Body heat distribution
  • Reflect radiant external heat for exterior warmth and interior freshness
  • Sweat wicking for quick and controlled evaporation

Composition: 100% polyester




POWERED Heat: High range products offering up to 17 hours of heating, it is possible with the heated product range. A larger and larger range of products, composed of socks, gloves and soles. A new technology with a heating level adjustment by a single button. And a gain of space with the new USB charger.

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