Knee support strap - NOVELASTIC black

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Use: Orthopaedic support



  • Sports knee strap
  • Elasticated, compressive fabric 
  • Improves proprioception and corrects chronic knee instability  
  • 8-way crossed strap, very practical
  • Reinforces side support
  • Flexible side boning for reinforcement and optimal stability
  • Comfortable zone on the kneecap and behind the kneecap
  • Knee: right or left
  • Protects and reinforces the articulation whilst reducing its excessive extension
  • Guaranteed mobility


  • Practical treatment for ligament sprains and crossing of the knee
  • Resumption of activity
  • Fragile knee ligaments

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The ligament knee strap reinforces lateral ligaments and blocks the articulation from rotating. The elastic inferior straps, resting on the anterior tibial tuberosity are put under symmetrical tension towards the back of the thigh. They contribute in minimising the femur rotation on the tibial tray The superior straps reinforce the lateral ligaments.


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