Our favourite sport: lowering the cost of yours.

Private Sport Shop We are one team, we have one passion

At PrivateSportShop, we’re just like you, passionate about sport – crazy, mad, nuts, whatever, we just love it! As we love it so much, we like to keep improving and growing. Running, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, kitesurfing, climbing… you name it. Anyway, round here, it’s easy to see we love sport.

On partage tous la même vision
We share the same vision

One day, we asked ourselves this question:
“Why should we pay loads on sport, when it’s so good for us?”.

This is the idea that launched PrivateSportShop back in 2011.

The aim: make sports gear available to the largest number of people at the lowest cost. And over the years, we’ve created our own sport: lowering the cost of yours.

We have a technique for finding the best prices

And that’s a sport in itself! We gather all the excess stock of the top brands in Europe. Some of this unsold stock is heading for destruction, which could mean future environmental waste.

We negotiate the best price for them so we can give you the best offers on high quality gear.

Why miss out?

Our performance speaks for itself

Not to show off, but we’re in pretty good shape.

PrivateSportShop has become the European leader in its class. 14 million members enjoy our offers every day: offers of up to 80% off on over 3000 recognised sports brands, representing about a hundred different sports.

Ok, so maybe we are showing off a little…

Welcome home

In short, if you’re looking for a reliable partner, with efficient services, to get quality products at the best prices, then this is your home.

And don’t just take our word for it, we have 1.6 million fans following us every day on Insta and Facebook

If you’re still not convinced, we also have:

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