Bv Sport BOOSTER ELITE EVO2 - Calf Sleeves - white

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Use: running, trail, triathlon, cycling



  • Exercise sleeve
  • BV Sport patented XPERIENCE selective compression
  • Respects the athlete's anatomy and physiology
  • Improves venous return
  • Optimise muscle solicitation for each floor impact
  • Reduces muscle vibration and oscillation
  • Designed to be worn during exercise
  • Optimises performance and reduces injury risk
  • Prevents heavy legs
  • Required 20 years of research
  • 4 clinical studies and 5 international invention patents
  • Accelerates recovery
  • Made in France
  • Sold as a pair


  • 1. "Shockwave effect" breaking mesh: varies from ultra-soft and rigid mesh
  • Reduces muscle vibration and oscillation
  • 2. Calf Support: reinforced knit around the calf
  • Improves venous return and accelerate toxin elimination
  • Reduces the sensation of heavy leg and delay fatigue.
  • Reduces apparition of shin splints and DOMS
  • 3. Tap Control: semi-rigid mesh positioned
  • Reduces tendinitis and lesion risks
  • Improves muscle solicitation for floor support
  • 4. Socket 3D: Honeycomb 3D mesh
  • Reduces risk of Achilles tendon inflammation
  • 5. Aero Tibial Windows: specific mesh on the shins
  • Protects the sensitive pre-tibial structures


  • 85% polyamide
  • 15% elastane

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  • Variable / targeted compression: the R&D centre of BV SPORT has proven by numerous scientific research that the pressure transmitted to the lower members varies depending on the type and thickness of the biological tissues which they are composed of. These tissues react as pressure absorbers (muscles and fat) or on the contrary are incompressible (bones, tendons and nerves). 
  • Improvement of the muscle's biomechanics and performance: these innovative parameters have helped develop varying rigidity meshes (soft, semi-rigid and rigid) which have been integrated since 2004 in the manufacturing of the Booster and ProRecup compression range. Selective compression respects the anatomy and physiology of the athletes, optimises the muscular biomechanics of the muscle when moving, improves venous return, limits vibrations and oscillations, reduces the risk of soreness and delays fatigue.

BOOSTER PATENT: The aponeurosis or restraint effect provides improved support and efficiency of the muscle during the effort phase and the compression effect, obtained by adapted pressure, improves oxygenation (turbo effect) and delays the calf clogging up during exercise. Worn regularly the BV SPORT concept (Recovery + Booster) improves performance and reduces injury risk. 

Sensil® Innergy: Technical fabric made with a natural mineral embedded permanently in nylon 6.6.

The fabrics reflect the natural thermo-energy emitted by the body for optimal performance. They reinvigorate the cells and improve the oxygenation of the skin to facilitate recovery after training.

This fabric improves muscle elasticity and thus reduces the appearance of cellulite. Also offers excellent UV protection, increased durability and odour resistance.

Awarded to the ISPO Textrends Top Ten 2018

Shockwave Effect: Alternates ultra-soft and rigid mesh for cushioning and shock absorption. This new knitting technique reduces the shock wave from transitioning shock when taking impact on the floor.

Benefits: significantly reduces vibration and oscillation, responsible for injuries and shin splints muscle lesions, shin fracture, DOMS)



  • Never use the booster during recovery phases, in the car, train, plane or when sleeping.
  • The Booster Elite is asymmetric. Position the BV SPORT logo on the front, under the patella and the BOOSTER logo on the outside of the calf.


  • In cases of venous troubles, contact your doctor
  • Do not wear when sleeping
  • Only wear the Booster range during sports activities


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