Compressport ON/OFF - Headband - black

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ON/OFF headband by COMPRESSPORT have soft, quick-drying, sweat-wicking fibres for increased comfort.


  • 91% polyamide
  • 8% elastane
  • 1% polypropylene


  • Use: training
  • Activities: multisports, running, trail, travel
  • Light and comfortable
  • Keeps the forehead dry and your hair out of your field of vision
  • Water-repellent fibres and  On/Off breathable fibres
  • Thousands of cells: dries quickly and doesn't retain sweat
  • Seamless and without elastic for optimal comfort
  • UltraLight: doesn't retain water and stays light in all conditions
  • Soft microfibre weave
  • Stretchy fibres to prevent excess tightness or looseness
  • Natural fit whatever your head circumference
  • Weight: 22 g

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WATER-REPELLENT: The water-repellent fibre wicks away moisture and perspiration without absorbing it, even during excessive perspiration. The end of uncomfortable heavy, moist clothing that irritates the skin and does not dry.


ON/OFF: Interactive On/Off fibre breathes and adjusts ventilation according to the intensity of your workout.


SEAMLESS TECHNOLOGY: Soft and light, the fibre is 100 % seamless for optimal comfort.


ULTRA LIGHT: Your Compressport® garment does no retain water and stays light in all situations.

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