X-Socks CONTROL 4.0 - Ski Socks - anthracite/or

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CONTROL 4.0 ski socks by X-SOCKS are ideal for athletes looking for comfort and protection.


  • 60% polyamide
  • 18% polyester Xitanit®
  • 10% acrylic
  • 9% Mythlan® polypropylene
  • 3% elastane



  • High-rise
  • Fabric for muscle control
  • Effective protection from shin to toe
  • Helps reduce pressure on the foot
  • Thermoactive microfibre for warmth and breathability
  • Temperature regulation
  • Anatomic sole: left foot/right foot
  • Made in Italy

Patented Protection:

  • HelixCoil® system
  • Suppronation® Bandage
  • Traverse AirFlow Channel System™
  • Air-Conditioning Channel®
  • Lambertz Nicholson Achilles - tendon protector
  • Iso-Blocker™
  • Heel, toe, shin and ankle protectors

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XITANIT®: Unique fibre enabling:

  • Body heat distribution
  • Reflect radiant external heat for exterior warmth and interior freshness
  • Sweat wicking for quick and controlled evaporation

Composition: 100% polyester

Mythlan® is hypoallergenic and therefore perfectly neutral for the skin. The lightness of the microfibres offers maximum comfort.

Composition: 100% polypropylene




HELIXCOIL®: A unique system, knitted in concentric spirals around the calf, without seams in the fabric. This technology enhances muscle control, supports blood circulation and relieves the cardiovascular system.

SUPPRONATION® BANDAGE: Band preventing over-pronation or supination. Stabilises the foot in its natural rolling movement and keeps it from turning inwards or outwards.

Protected by EP1796400, TR201100307 , CA2636609, JP2008-551638, MX285807, RO1976400 patents

TRAVERSE AIRFLOW CHANNEL SYSTEM™: 3 path ventilation systems that regulates moisture and heat. It also regulates the temperature of the footbed, which is usually surrounded by the shoe. As the foot is raised, the movement allows fresh air to enter.

AIR-CONDITIONING CHANNEL®: Made of thin mesh, it only covers 30% of the skin. With every step, the foot pumps the moist, warm air out and allows clean fresh air to flow in. Fresh air can circulate even in a well-fitted shoe to better regulate foot temperature.

Protected by EP1011352, AU742686, US6286151, JP4617321 patents

LAMBERTZ-NICHOLSON™ ACHILLES TENDON PROTECTOR: Reinforcements reduce pressure on the achilles tendon area. This shock absorber acts as a buffer between the foot and the shoe to reduce pressure points and friction. 

Protected by EP1562681, TR200805430 T4, AU2003292969B2, CA2505147, CN200380103010.8, JP4746322, US7681254 patents

ISO-BLOCKER™: Prevents hot spots, reducing the risk of pressure points while ensuring air circulation between the foot and the shoe.

Protected by RCD EU39516-0067

TOE PROTECTOR: If you want to perform, you need to look after your toes. The asymmetric toe protector wraps the toes and absorbs pressure to prevent blisters and abrasions.

Protected by RCD EU39516-0069

HEEL PROTECTOR: Pressure exerted on the heel can easily cause blisters. This protection reduces rubbing and helps prevent blisters forming.

Protected by RCD EU39516-0061

ANKLE PROTECTION: Provides optimal ankle protection to prevent injuries.

Protected by RCD EU39516-0046

SHIN PROTECTOR:  Cushions shocks, reduces painful squashing and the risk of grazing.

Protected by RCD EU39516-0044

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