Z3Rod PULLBUOY - Pull-Buoy - armada

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The PULL-BUOY from Z3ROD is the essential accessory for swimmers and will become the ideal training partner.


  • 100% recyclable EVA


  • Recyclable EVA construction, ultra-resistance even when using intensively
  • Hydro-dynamic design improving buoyancy and glide
  • Helps develop strength top of body power
  • Improves your swimming technique, your buoyancy and endurance
  • Works on your stability and position in the water
  • Soft touch and rounded edges to avoid rubbing and irritation on tights
  • Smart design: helps you choose your buoyancy level depending on which side is used

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EVA: Compact and dense, EVA foam is a polymer similar to elastomer materials in terms of softness and flexibility. This material is highly resistant and has good clarity and shine, UV resistance and adhesive properties.

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